Audacia Dangereyes

try wax
try distribution
see scissors
hollow motion not slut muscle
angry sad plant
stage parallel purge
foolish harbour
root increase in smoldering fiction
poor harmony trouble
warm it quicks
skin the bell

don't sentence old with old
sentence shimmering at all exhausted
wrapped some signal in silence until burst the familiar
she slowly jangled few answers
tentacle touched barely aware body
wandered around her grappling
word flock flashed a crowd a moment later
now whatever you call obscenity name not ask

learning effect level yellow
mass walk shake some danger
broken sister on flames
cough not bent leather
match a morning stretch
trick the pin building trouble on water
opinion may angle history
talk garden sand library
angry light in feather detail
plant receipt may chance damage
representative in woman box
chance pump smash brass
stitch tight the unwashed jewel
quick song camera offer
view love lose love send love
by Audacia Dangereyes
Girl spends summers on island & overhears random & non-ordinary conversations. Lush island landscape is enticed by mysterious messages lurking within abstraction. Girl loves to show off her new texts, words will always be voluptuous.
Available in paperback or as free pdf download.
104 pages, 6 "x9", $14 ppd.
Audacia Dangereyes runs Stone Age Type ( & publishes Portable Islands, a soon to be unveiled irregular ezine which purports to incite poetic terrorism. She spends her summers writing & photographing on Washington Island in the icy waters of Lake Michigan.