Philip Jenks


Some amphibians’
Retinas will only respond to motion.
Carnal, carnival, carnivore
Woods were carved out
When they walked -
Weekly inveterate bruising
Just in time for what
You were having,
Low, lower
Artifice of accidental instinct
Or accretes "intentions",
Bested beast.

where did I go

rake or varnish,
to. it wasn’t in you
the doing otherwise.
verification takes time,
killing time,
splendid – in the way
that immolation
refigures itself
not the delegation of
time as in
factory to spacecraft. )


these are other smokes.
see how you cinder
did not end.
can not.

this time, you also
must put yourself
into it. It’s your
an ethics of reason
slices birds in shreds
in flocks.
damaged flagrant pilgrim
mutable force march.

it’s not march.
did see cuts on hear t
monastic encounter.
put yourself into it.
this is your job.
you’re great at it.


here let’s cut Hegel in half
and just stick to synthesis.
it’s going to have the lucidity
of things at a distance the way
presidents may appear presidential,
you seem certain at this level.

plus it makes something new,
which is cool too
your pallid frame undulating
coursing river blood rushing
to every part and no possessive
apostrophic moments everything’s
dotted with creation.
in this limited sense, I rationalize
our fucking as resistance to
hegemonic monads.
but this is what kills me.
spent limit skin dissolution
wet winsome boy bar dance
it’s inimitable the way your lip
curves at this particular moment.

the idea of the child versus birthing.
aliens verb the body
bordering immigration
police the alien and
it becomes the police.
refuse and
God will slit your
throat down at the bottom
of this most privileged and
well executed armor
just to test
if you have
the resolve
to go nuclear.


the stretched out
to never look at feet
in the same
"evening" dim lifts
the crakly feet of sum
animate animals
straighten backs o r
Spokey bike crush,
portlandly scuffed up leg.
electric track - esplanade
St. John’s Bridgely.
Christ Biota
scaling petals
that to some may seem


it’s not the indication
when fun reasonnaire
coordinates speculate
precisely, ineluctable
v unelected.
this piece of hell
transponsive respirator
of hymn. the this is what
you mean all up there
in the sky, technologized
and so its inverted.

Plato’s intense intestines,
....stomach, kidney, spleen.
Plato’s collapsing lungs,
........clogging arteries in holes within
his own skull. Praise, where all the after
rise up and ideal types
of assholes scribble
but the ink’s invisible
over here in the opposite sky.


The State of Plato’s Body.
boys come back from wars
cut in half for


If two-thirds of the body is water,
then we are mostly piss, blod and shit
mixed up n stuff.
Was Socrates Epileptic?
Insert a big word here

or remember You.
You reflect
off the stars with shiny
shields listening
You encase nothing
these thousandfold
tentacles or incandescent feathers
no, it’s mixed so it’s interconnected –
that’s the thing about Wind You


The best argument against atheism
is Oscar. named, present, articulated,
intersubjective, transsubjective,
interstitial, visceral, "no human power,"
pretty little polis
splits into empire.
Look with
is no.
not from crushing,
You blasted one.
No neurology
instantiates this wildeyed
latenight animal run.