Adele Onji

after brueckl

faithlessness eyelids

eye molten purged qualm

supposedly churl pipes cherty squinching

the collude liefest ////////////////////////------------------ its flirtations of compared racked,

eyelids clutch wormy

purged spewwallows [[[[empathies[[[[[[

stiff pangs of astray commotion parched

the black victuals, offensively pale, empathies squinching
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>stiff>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> revalued

lashed bone cusp wails edges crags
cheek out of the wails
cheek out of the wails
the wails of avowed edges,
the wails of avowed edges, crags aflutter,

the thrill of bishops yellowing flouting the palace footstool-noose shuddered stiff
lashing breach.

philately clutches retract.

Fickleness the pale blight worms, hewed in.



in afar the shackles purged rifled -- eyelids vomit
spoonily boomeranged lashes woe.

on avarice.

spearsin withering


sore-thrust glazed

avarice of mutterers wail groans

the airest foul sash withering,

sulkiness cheek awestruck, fetters, noonday thrill delighting the brooking flirtations

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> what clutches shivering glazing wicks and thwarting breaths, the cheek flint is hiding, old stoneface nothings, grazed ruddy nothings, alives yet though nada here

cheek of gasps impaled, these words don't even begin...

nappy of whore's shin dreadlocks [kibble]:

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Adele Onji is a tripod