Karen Eliot and Adele Onji

ill the range, hand

waited dirty, ass secret, canux, suitcase shows your



porarily ality pack range, worth

illustrat, askelmaa, koipi,

buying that

temporarily alive, millions, this there,

your reject mantra

gluelike secretions

mold coital

& your exact reality, are goes nary

wary of

teleprompter, Taliban authoritarian

war-going pack rat, askew polarity--

nid, porta, ops, egg, gum, worth

repeating, jump into the water,




like moth in mist, licorice

on our bellies

illustrated, illusory, pin a name on that

devil, duvel, Beelzebub getting paper dirty

storm on the range, one angry hump

where fucked

milk-curdle mixed with bile

sewing up your clit to form a smile