Amy Dupcak


with your moth-eaten heart
and holes in heels

with your tongue tired of
holy tar baptisms

with nice white underwear ready for
hospital staff / nicewhite
collar covering scar tissue
worn thin

with sins forming tiny red bumps
on the corners of your brow.

…your mouth a slave

carmine irises a blaze in
glory of dementia :
you have terrible teeth
filled with rotting alloy

and your liver is at war
, with remains of

mania , with broken shards of
lucid dreams
under lit bulbs a flame.

your dick erect : a hanger
you would’ve wanted me
to use (i know this) –
well balloons
burst. don’t they?
well sympathy has no place
in basement abodes.
(when’re we going home?)

with appreciation for

the freckle on my thigh
apathetic to

the smile in my throat
phone cord in fake curls

sugar in loving memory
of loving memory of
memories : of balancing
salt shakers, our diner.

…you have so much to die for
what’ll it be?
, taken a back by strangers
in your gums – cum on your
linoleum tiles
: staining my knee –

vaseline in liturgy
you bastard !(?)…. the way
priests break bread

we are moth-eaten to brims
of nothing ness
of vast
empty air

of paper folding only seven times
no matter the size.

....from one green friend to another

a splash of green

in photographs: you –

nocturnally abstract;

a hermit rehearsing for life

and we recommence.

another 9;

lying wake in fields,

vast, (or slim wood floors) grasp

stars with our hands,

an angry alarm

spits air,

you –

rearing a new soul (one

green thumb): ask

without words, or tears, or

salvaged breath,

(post-death); a hermit rehearsing for life

and we recommence.

another sigh;

lying wake in hallways,

why? (because we)

eat nouns, blink sounds,

you – a flash

(I dare say);

ironically intact;

a hermit rehearsing for life

and we recommence.

Amy Dupcak studied Poetry and Fiction as an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College, and then received an MFA in Fiction from The New School. She acts as the Features Editor and a contributing writer for BRM, an arts and culture quarterly print mag; teaches Creative Writing to high school seniors; and is writing a novel.