Jaan Patterson

cle|Å|ve e le 'r

osiris trending ciphers dressed to fork pie

when so sue did her .-
I wasn’t there.

a slick yes went .-
pass appurged mentions

fell beyond any furniture appeared as “
in between

her fellow traveling had arrived the infamous end unprepared to unleash the machine threatened

as wreaks became time put to pulp pillows

he wasn’t aware, he also had been invited to be held as fruit table growing hair through eyes

‘spricKst do awK DeutSH’ I celled my nails, but as mentioned we had no chance to meet the deadline

as timelines dumped the scene.

cle|Å|ve e le 'r we so un-sued sueded gesproken



we named the label by it’s thread

folders tried to capture emotional trends

unfolded senses made good glitter watching the gap playing guitars with one eyelash.

fur operating systems made me comfy dropping my pants spelling the task.

behind the curtain they smiled like cans throwing up the bubble towards the trains.

hammered the drum the speed absorbed my tempo, BPM weren’t of count anymore.

heart covered threshold of explosions at char existence-

repetitions flunked her name.

wouldn’t you know, s/(the twisted matter) of the meaning behind knowledge

i’s see simple eye see only see do we what with thee

snoring doors waiting to enter the room with your opinion NOT

give this young man no signal!

i will die in front of your bed grasping for vegetables watching them cum all, she expelled to me.

as she always was trustworthy to my perception matters, it made me feel guilty- though I had to do it.

for the unrecorded way, to say yes, it was made to become walked by no temper controlled plastic fear

rather through exhibiting the point no; by enthusiasm trended purses being take away for gone.

hairy availables s s stays as treasure of the post scalp becoming her truth

am I depressed again by your matter

al mater

sometimes I spit your food ad absuRdum

lacquer dante we laugh remakeabre abreham

mother & child construction site you stink

father child & also sites stink

smell once the kruid of them 3 had visions, may you please clean the seat.

while eating potatoes and tv spoons remember I hard pressure steel my teeth

come on a high-heel knowledge, don’t spend time, - waste it as youRs!

cle|Å|ve e le 'r

threaten your region beltbuckle nose scanner I care alone,

er I meant I die alone being not funny-

think of the number under your foot it out a spelled the put on chen woe

political art, I heard talking about growth? playing serious, but not the game

it has no mum, what your forehead you call you mean I think nrw zoo come withtakewith

whatever that’s not the circle of terror, it is a toothpick on rage!

but what did I expect? I wasn’t being walking the line been me lining back on hands walks.

illegal donations underpants can’t count on you, when is the time passing seconds?

not even realizing my pen fighting flags of glorious sticks of magick respiration flats

notes spilled the whistle to the wall, chants of color became echoes as mirrors dressed to leave-

they saw you talking a long chat

sitery sitetree psyhfree psycherfy butcher spare free ribbed shirts barberCUE the tape

rewind call phunderella to step on toes while whispering names as telephone signals

,..: I don’t want to tell on you, but last sun you gave me a moon wasn’t like stars do it