Vernon Frazer

Backward Bargain

the flange of bland retreat
passing a gradient’s refusal
echoes the nexus reckoning

demon rail yards perused
for functions left attached
to low pigment matters

hanging the foreplay nuance
its credit stop ensured no later
pigment seals barking fish

where doggerel ellipses
eye a cross-tease close
to shattering montage filler

a carry-on of vestibules
leaks passage demands
school fodder attrition rites

to semblable facsimile dance
merchants carcass vestal pools
bargaining a flayed perimeter

In Formation

Coral incursion
cineplex the portable breeze

Rotor capsules tarnished
depot bottoms to transpose new piers
through scarves and turnkeys

Umbrella transmuters
oblong easily, mute azaleas

where night deposits
longing forebears to simplest

in loaders amassing transit