David McLean


absence and lies (i) drowned in
a swimming fish,
the Compleat Paternalist
my God-box and this;

sophrosynic structure extends
its feeble seemings
where dream-ins are basic,
(ontic) unleavings;

palaeonymic (i) ship this freight,
a weighty schooner;
love is a Wait:
Despair this Unusual


David McLean has had a few poems published in Envoi, Lines Review, Poetry Nottingham and Understanding; since he started submitting again a few months ago has been published in or accepted by In between hangovers, Decanto, The Journal, Poetry Monthly, Poetic Hours, The Poetry Church, Poet’s Letter, Awen, the Delinquent, Brutarian, Dawn Treader, Sein und Werden, Erbacce, Parameter Magazine, Möbius, Static Motion, Whistling Shade, and Lachryma.