Samit Roy (continued)

Park Street Junction

Extension: Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, has always amused me. There are its vibrancies: colors, lives, ever-changing moods and, of course, the city's warmth. Brought up in this former colonial city, I am always been impressed by how the city's multitude of images and stories reflect various historical periods and diverse cultural experiences. As a youth, Park Street was a place crowded and bustling with yellow taxis and traffic cops in white uniforms.

Watching TV: Emotionally

Extension: This piece is part of a series that I started working on as an effort to express my views related to Indian's expanding television scene and, more broadly, as a critique of the medium's impact on oursocio-cultural life. It is fascinating to see how "truths" are quite literally being "constructed," ideologies injected into general culture, and how a new cinematic language has evolved. I have captured numerous images while surfing television channels and tried to reconstitute the characters and items on screen to show the intentionality of those "pretty" images.