Alexander Jorgensen

Liquorice for the Agile

Ad Lucem


“La Paix”1

ZELDA: How'd you get back?

SCOTT: Took an aeroplane.

ZELDA: Didn't crash, did yeh?


ZELDA: You were safe, huh?


1 “Little Peace,” the Paris residence of writers F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.
(Previously appeared in Noon: Journal of the Short Poem. Ed. Philip Rowland. Issue 4. Tokyo, Japan: Philip Rowland. 2006.)

Alexander Jorgensen
is both writer and visual artist, his work appearing in such publications as Otoliths, Van Gogh's Ear, Big Bridge, Shampoo, Noon and One Less. An incessant traveler, he has lived in the Czech Republic, a Baroque Servite monastery along the Šumava Mountain Range (Bayerische Wald), the Galapagos Archipelago (San Cristobal Island), and the People's Republic of China (where he has divided his time since 2002). When asked about the nature of his art, he replies: “As I have little control over my tastes and temperament, ‘Art’ with lowercase or capital vowel is really no matter for me. What is important, rather, is that I am intentional in my communication―that I say to whomever: ‘Here we are.’” “Emails to a Younger Poet,” correspondences with the late Robert Creeley, appears in Jacket magazine #31