Heller Levinson

clumsy like meandering salt

posted in dehydration.........liabilities
cherish the inadequacies of measurement
strike a new pose
sponsor a drummer reluctant to leave his tom tom
the sort that yanks apostrophes into contented commas
that learns the balance beam the gymnastics of conjure
spread across the palette of traffic signals
the even beats
under the spell

outlaw like apparitional flaw

diadem drift the loss is law ...
clear-sighted range operatives employing the latest in
smile sensitive technologies post obliquities
on raw angulations
installing alertness in the courtyards summons
the scruffy & the lame the lupine valves
lump a witness orgasm program recursive with
stopgap......instruct the storefronts to exercise
wily the illusory napkins are well-pitched no longer surly
the getaway is

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior. Please visit http://www.hellerlevinson.com/ for additional information.