Randy Adams

During the last recession (in the 80's)
I quit my job and shared a studio
with two friends. This is the rooftop
of that studio space, using an old
Graflex 4 X 5 camera and infra-red film

This is of my ex-wife,
prone, with a juniper root
held between her legs.
She was a willing subject
but wanted me to dig
ditches or work on the rigs
or anything to 'make a
living'. She was Polish/
German, I am M├ętis.
The image was solarized
using real light and chemicals

Yeah, well, love and peace forever and all that. We all live in Gaza.
A dune buggy in the badlands near Drumheller, Ablerta - dinosaur heaven -
a stone's throw from the 'creationist museum.' Infra-red film again. I canoed
and then walked to this spot

Double-exposure with shattered
glass and children at play. We
never learn. The tree is of course