Debrah Morkun


I cloud-fucked
she, pregnant, ushered
forth, and the birds

and her honeysuckle
and we hold our babies
breath, tired, we

hold the surfacing
before each wave surfacing
this cloud-fuck like joint delivery

Debrah Morkun
received a Master of Fine Arts in Writing & Poetics from Naropa
University, Boulder CO, in 2004. In 2005, she ran the internship program at the Bowery
Poetry Club. Upon returning to my hometown of Philadelphia last year, Debrah started
the New Philadelphia Poets (, a group committed to
expanding the spaces for poetry in Philadelphia. She recently finished writing a long
poem entitled Projection Machine, which served as the lyrical impetus for a multimedia
Fringe Festival performance, combining poetry, music, video projection, and dance, that
was performed at the Adrienne Theatre in Philadelphia this past September. Debrah
currently teaches English & Writing at Temple University and Community College
of Philadelphia.