Simon Howard

5 poems

one. task search & instress
suicide owl to movement
of a skyline a tress
towards raincoat.
was my favourite aura
of a no time. step from the suitcase o
incantatory snowdrops

two. scissored by rote. gleamingly darkless
i learn to cultivate
curfew lure
in those impacted
angel curse. if i explain
the experience it’s as one
brain inside itself doors rattling,

three. how did him get to owe a majesty
mysterious evenings nor
coincidentally daybreak. if i got that
dream & never unsuspecting
beneath walls hat squad a squawk cd & pillows.

four. adverse collaboration
hammer friendship. the years slewed sloothering
cross twisted
ations therefore the struc
ture warning warning
balloon. police medick.
freak freak. soft
a minuscule cut to her

five. going outwhere now.
sequence of vents.
& faraway eyes. chewing gum.
signature up in on clouds
lain on a bed & the cold
cones &. apotheosis
start to stop.

Simon Howard was born in London in 1960, was educated at University College London, lived in the Czech Republic for some years. He now lives outside the city of his birth, but close to its most famous river. He is the author of one chapbook, ZOOAXEIMPLODE from The Arthur Shilling Press, has been published at Great Works, The Red Ceilings, & has poems from Spine Writers & Shadow Train. His long poem numbers can be found here He blogs at & jointly at