Vernon Frazer

Turning Radiant

a marginal tangent breaker allowed
cortical paradigm cassocks designed
to fit button marvels in miracle plays
that delayed chronometric largesse
as mere clockwork fit to be timed
where their meridians rule energy
buffets endless consumption blocks
concrete as any abstract notion vowed
infinity an egg-timer turned sideways
pursuing a lateral vision of ascendance
where beaches replace the sand lost
to hurricane wenches in virtue dives
and roadhouse fill-ins venture to serve
unverified swill to residual truth serpents
revising conjunction laws where passed
particles dramatize the tints of grammar
as tilted toward pinball memories ping
the resurgent avatar headings filtered
presentiment hearings through frost
before chemical thread merchants
spread their meretricious logic vents
over the commotion bound to lure
the sensible entry to varicose sleep
takes the will to climb banners away
from prepositions turned distantly in
or out of for if ever meant bitterly
detritus envy would deaden recipes
where trays never clattered their prey 
to nuisance headings for homage 
replay deferred adolescent climax
ventures grow silt or sliding manners
exchange crudities in a crosswind
blown southerly for vixen trailers
derailed their other tactical delays
starch meters collecting revenge 
on errant dry cleaner declaimers
seeking to avenge true necessity
before its early tablets aroused
missed fission in the fishing hole
where gasping nuclear gargles cling
to every last shred of their half-life


Prophecies on Winter Wind

bring inexplicable ice
to jagged shards where temples fell
leaving human foliage 
an inextricable autumn
to celebrate the ruins
with acts of sedentary rumination
candle burners at every wick
and corner seeking dry dock
the hard chill tells no tale of nuance
solitary accusers cling
to predictable gyrations
over a moment's curse
no ragged bell tower clangs

extricable cards deck jokers
hanging too near the local outskirts
a sickening ploy to sell fever
arable as breath
of the subcutaneous monks
turning visible 
on a future spoken present

Folked Away

pixillated dulcimer plangent
vision skewed across the flay
cushions bent strings filing
folk ways past the core frayed
loose amenity circles springing
wherever ventilation imbued
the play circles with day care
dances loose to the footer
at a distance calling media
names under muffled breath
incursion slants a prophetic lip
in service to unborn cliches
molding in trays left underfoot
that varnish the weary score
an elastic solstice backlit with
butter incarnation tracing roots
back to more pabulum treaties
than the far corps can dominate
or delay circumstantial emission
data sent crosswalk skittering
under a fledgling appellation
spent on frozen carnage deals
played according to the hand
felt feathering another’s palm
under threat of sheep loam
or cattle prancing left to foot
the fear of nomenclature serum
fretting their vertebral colon
strung down the slipping capos
keyed to message thematically 
induced parasol rub treatment
personified as dual nonentity
truculent as any tired driver
canceling a remote presence
at sessions chording tribunals
parked across octave divider
transits pitched to retelling
gourded recriminator feats
stuffed for the piƱata transfer
coming down the middle bend
with a load not taken to frost
or ventilation furies at midnight
aching under envy’s bitter heat
the moribund investment circuits
hoarding magma under crust
a presence turned warning loop
where skies fork pied dividends
to serpent guides on metric delay
before casting thousands ashore
where their washing scrubbed 
cleanser lyrics to dynamo fluid
camped under rarefied surname
headers affixed to stable entry
however deadening the flats
that sharpen the flavor maid
fallen rounds of steerage earn
a circular flume its descent
before dampened registers
longing for unbidden glamour
teams announce rostrum cling
banners gliding to help pastiche
repel enabled surcharge vendors
bent on spooning clipped physics
cardboard to dysfunctional lips
disrespectfully pursed a cursor
saved from dashboard influenza
drifting a rearview blind-side
categorically unclassified flash
finding vertical hangar slits 
before normal throttles accrue
stately carnival buttocks shard
resume displacements cling
refurbished memory tantrums
shingle the atrium harness
before the shrill tonsil flute
splits the pitch of catgut fillet 
hybrid tuning the fork to a
pitch the tangent can circle
before the moribund cattle
enter cursing wagons circled
against the feathered charge
regaling the rushing window
before the oncoming panes 
shatter the canvas of legend
running a lengthy slide note
vents a wholesome viewing 
scene as cunning as its bend