Steve Timm

from Un Storia

Eighteenth Chapter
Polka ats

Who’d they after
trembleward in the narrow veries
out stepped no broker to be dreamed by
the best gambol foundries vasted
a spell of gloss
wait or don’t it gets worse
where there’s a curtained weigher
rivets a flail or the other liker
whence the air poker finger
each going thethethethethethethe et shutterer
ex lain that’s a mispounce
who aftered the afterers
who spent a last bone
"who you?" who they?

Hundred Fifth Chapter
Slow gun era

Day so fiascan
I shit on my toes
still no prophet at the door we can’t afford a gate
the limp dick this poem is
brand this rebrand that
sello, sour things
everything so sic the new faith is the old faith
here comes Curtsey Fissure renown gowned
against phylaxis as such
it means to go on it does
well hello Ernie Dissolver
just when I’ve forgotten the conjugation
beneath a gorgeous lime-lined tarp yschlept
and the figure unholstering froneath a fulsome prison skirt lets a warning off
the days scount, people count them

Hundred Thirty-third Chapter
Chow now brown scrofa

They won’t bury us
refusal or prediction
they don’t feed us
victim or recipient
so it goes or went or’ll
history by mouth
we can stand
choice or sorrow
they’ll not outbury us
triumph or trough
at least the vowels move still
accents at 20 paces
but it’s not the lingo bub
the soil dude
the jack mac
the god/less forsaking
or other tether
who knew and did did not and did not did
O the sakes even the lost monophthongs and trills
meanwhile she remains disinterring truffles and eating them herself
rhythm of merda or murder
such gorgeous scales never to be heard or scended
or feel the justice

Other poems from Un storia have appeared in Milk and Otoliths. Steve Timm is the author of Disparity (BlazeVOX Books) and two chapbooks, Averrage (Answer Tag Home Press) and Stragetics (Bronze Skull). He teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.