Tasha Klein



veranda smirk
wave length
tube dart,
how have you been?

time has no even taste

pull your mouth off
the gloss, muppethead

death is:
satiny & birdless

we did die
in delicate threads of light, our hands full of
cut shadows

messy eyes
backbump fiend
attic doll
syrette of rosy.
hope you've been well.

been combing empty dimensions
need to come down for some
real fun.s

submarine brain
drop whisper
sleep tone

flesh tunnel
blue foam
glow ruffle,
shaved wing, bent pillow,
see ya around,

turn the page (slight tweak)

metal bright in my pillow, a you
in twigs. your knowing, joking, eyes,

moving around this puddle of toke,
fall distracted into my ready speech

your dick has been colonized into a hyperhole

I've been down on top of skies, nipples feel
shaky hexagons
you matched my dress
like a child with intervening squirts
nose lips
small drunk with almost teeth

our four legs in a shadow jump

your mind triceps are a hardon

what motion noise. a clippings boy with
lighthouse pokes

you're P.M. has been renamed

twist of a cat swoon

splashing balls, eating, breathing

tight in the bends, stalking in gestures

0h, I stare through your mossy pose.