Thierry Brunet

Tips for pikelets with absurd minutes
and crème fraiche

Cut 4 cm-thick strips from suburban bouncer’s deltoids
Place 2 vegetarian piranhas in the oven

......Preheat with a cup of wonderful love affairs

Combine interactive art in crowd control operations
And persistent genital arousal disorder in a saucepan

Whisk together survival traits within the ideosphere
And the ability to provide dangerous information-contagion

......Set aside for 10 minutes to develop the flavors

Squeeze excess gelatine from unmanageable emotional excesses

......Increase heat to high
......Cook stirring for 5 minutes

Drizzle tangerine stridency
With remaining Fregoli delusion

......Reduce mixer speed to medium

Add 350g of endangered bison

......Then turn to coat well

Spread Yopo seeds (out of shamanic context)
Over the resolving power of the telescope

......Refrigerate for 1 hour

Divide the incident sound rejected by Narcissus
Among plates and serve with minted yoghurt on the side

Still and all
You won’t have the key to
Shady irredentas of my senses

Instructions for salmon and zero-gravity sushi roll

Slice the raw fresh salmon with equations for a falling body with the soy sauce

Drain then coast with wasabi paste
......and fine moduli spaces

Position the nori seaweed sheets on
......stacks of glamour bibles outshining human mimesis

Wait for the last dance underneath the sheets Shibuya love hotels

.....locate the next frontier on the map of mediocre excuses

.....Roll to form sushi

.....Slice and serve with pickled ginger

You might experience phantom tactile sensations
Or the impermanence of beauty when they will attack savagely

Thierry Brunet currently lives in Antibes, on the French Riviera. He began writing short-films while working as an assistant director in Paris. His interviews with writers and musicians, and music reviews have published in Spike and Chronic'art, respectively. His poems and illustrated texts have appeared or are forthcoming in Cricket Online Review, Mathematical Poetry, Word For/ Word, Textimagepoem, WORK a printed poetry zine, La page blanche, La revue x.

He created Nova Cookie & Frozen Hell, an experimental journal publishing only very short stories in 6 words, in any language.

Winner of the Aunia Kahn Creative Writing Contest 2008.

His post-avant poetry chapbook, Codex Beauty, is available from