Andrew Lundwall

my mangina is the screw
by which you thread
your not so secret nights

don’t bother my beer
i’m drinking

my aversion to perversion
is a critical one a tropical storm
that don’t hold my shadow closely

oh no

my tongue’s sores on it and out of tune to boot
you can’t claim my weekends i’m scared
i’m a bit of a hand gesture
a measuring tape a poser

withered don’t bother
whispered confessions
expire quickly in dixie cups
and my white glove an erasure
that exposes my cock in public
like a fine wine
to the seating arrangement
the throbbing elements
... ..
seeking the lacklight
of love’s moon
however drowning

avoid hurt
long for situations
in advance

stamping “sleep” on invisible passports
trampolining to the ceiling

of dream her shadow shards
and desperate wishes for another sunlight
a more gorgeous twin
issued on the outskirts of the body

Andrew Lundwall is the managing editor of the electronic literary journal Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks. He currently lives in his home state of Wisconsin after residing for 3 years in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Recent work can be found in Ocho, Otoliths, and PFS Post.