Sean Kilpatrick

Get Cozy and Die
.. .
Leukemia is my party hat.
Flowers gay for dog piss.
Ribbit licks your jaw.
All floors are an ethnic fart.
Rubber band cuticles work better.

You, prancing into rooms
stuffed with Kleenex,
pools of looking back
sinew my conscience.

All my goose-steps are pink and lonely.
Ghetto your eyes into a soup of bedrooms.

Oh, look, my painting spat on Gandhi.
Oh, look at the city purring sex crimes.

Get cozy and die.

When I cut you
a sunset, keep your
wardrobe closed.

Keep my conspiracy
of lightbulbs
behind you.

Or no, wait, no, wait,
disobey, hun,
I’ll make fantastic

Is that dis-
interested enough
to make you


Am I free
to go, I ask

Not yet.

Your lungs
moved into
a new house
of laughter
and I've come
to fuck it down.

Sean Kilpatrick has been published or is forthcoming in sixty magazines, including: Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks, Action Yes, Exquisitie Corpse, Kulture Vulture, Southern Gothic, Wandering Army, elimae, Juked, Stirring, wire sandwich, Menda City Review, 3AM Magazine, decomP,etc.