Jesse Crockett

Alanis Morissette at Thirty Million Sold

think happier workshops make better singing
about dirty could fix yr own darkest rampage

doorjamb ennui cell fields hated those mornings
my personal feelings barging the cataleptic floor

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like someone else besides rented howls-and-rate

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forget about reaching real disability yr buying own

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entitled records to looking sound at making our span

makes what room there is around here certainly now
except we focus out the animal pretty instantaneous

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built makeshift saying looms of jungle verisimilitude

the president hums a context-level orgasm élan
mechanics including "elk bed paler" existences

I am verging more soul upon those anymore we
need like down should talking ourselves familiar

come cheering pomegranate-striated onus empathy moon


Jesse Crockett works for Listenlight