Lilith Nassuri


parts make me what I am
oh to connect with paisley
instead of mille fleur
made 7 centuries ago
each limb a stitch
the fringe a lip
eye all seeing whole
give me a dull dull
for the craziness inside



dying pavlova like
must be a lark
I think
such fun to be tsk tusk trussed up
just like the turkey
at a non carnivorous christmas
of all times there I am serving, carving
little pieces of I for everyone
along with the stuffing and the
cranberry sauce
apron white as swan feather
with blacked out eyeholes and a hollow throat

harsh from the rasp
the stretch between stairwells
the last gap
the end of everything


Lilith Nassuri is a 27 year old writer who currently resides in the United Kingdom. She has been published in several publications both online and off including the journal Poetry South East and The Lexicon magazine.