Angela Genusa

The Bleeding Feet of Ginger Rogers

The "no" Lola taught me to whistle in Buenos Aires.
Whiskey Sour and Little Paper Umbrella,
Shot of Orange Schnapps.

Chested beaked trills ricocheting from bench to bench.
Dances presented as absences. No sentimental waltz.
No fiery fox trot. Three floating floors!

Then a man in a wig runs onto the stage and bludgeons
the band leader with a huge inflatable bat. Slangy lingo
of the dancers dolled up in lipstick, new orange print dresses!

What Do You Mean No Sun Today? Pungent hybrid
of carnivalesque lurch. The chosen few. The burnt out survivors.

Swell of drum roll to the sound of apocalyptic.

Strung out and waiting for orders to advance. My office
has a Mariachi band made of stuffed frogs and tin guitars.
Swooning to the band singing ranchero songs.

With a flick of his wrist, he cinches a ribbon up--
*poof.* You are surprised I speak your language.
Magnetic Construction Sets for Word Builders!

1 Olive Baboon 2 Yellow Baboon 3 Vervet Monkey
4 Blue Monkey. Kubrick’s “Singing in the Rain” scene ... sooo uplifting!

Travel the globe riding a tortoise, whistling "no."



L-Dopa on a Rope
this is it try it now it is also proven to raise serotonin would you like to register for our weekly NO NONSENSE medical news letter excuse me I do not have the time to listen the major excitatory in the brain an easybakeoven the patterns of OH YES YES from one synapse to the other transferring information a misfiring set a molecule of happiness the archivist is the voice of that memory the self of hellos Stenger computes that the mass of neural molecules and their speed across the distance of the synapse we are part of us and so are you the SUBLIME recycling of dopamine the densities of receptors violence moments of tenderness states of crack-like euphoria and ecstasy could one day become the life version mechanics of creation appreciated at a subtle level click here for the brain licking its lips in the triangle models AY AY SAY to achieve oneness with the spiritual because the brain has evolved the capacity to act as a god and may well be LSD-sweet to some neural nets and molecules but first a big HOWDY DO from us 3D structure chime-enhanced transmitter molecules playing piano or building a scientific model OH YES YES this is not just a way of describing experiences as one might use metaphors in such an image the screen becomes a kind of nerve end.

Angela Genusa is an experimental writer who has appeared and is archived and forthcoming in 0.11 seconds.
Her personal blog: Package Insert of Sorrows